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How To Clean Washing Machine?

Do you know How To Clean Washing Machine Sir? Do you clean your Washing Machine Sir? You should periodically clean your washing machine Sir.

Have you faced such questions? These questions sound like sales pitch from the Washing Machine Engineers visiting your home. Isn’t it?

Indeed Not. Don’t ignore especially when you are in an area like Noida where water is very hard. Water becomes hard due to presence of Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Carbonate is measured in mg in hard water. Here are categories of hard water based on Calcium Carbonate:

  • Below 60 mg/l – Soft Water
  • 60-120 mg/l – Moderately Hard Water
  • 120-180 mg/l – Hard Water
  • Above 180 mg/l – Very hard water

Areas like Noida have above 180mg/l and going upto 800mg/l thus making appliance prone to scaling. This not only harms Washing Machines but also your clothes. It is recommended to clean the washing machine once / twice a year.

Let us see How To Clean Washing Machine?

You need to buy a Descaling Powder and follow the below Instructions:

1. Put the Descaling powder directly into the drum.
2. Select and run the longest program with temperature between 40-50°C.
3. Once the program is over, clean and re-fix the filter. To get position of the filter, check your appliance manual.
4. Finally, select the Rinse program to rinse the empty machine again with plain water.
5. Use Descaling powder once in 6 months. In older machines, run a descale first to clean accumulated limescale crust and then follow up with regular use of descaling powder.
6. Depending on the severity of hardness of water in your area, repeat use of descale may be necessary from time to time.
7. It can also be used to clean steam iron, shower heads and coffee maker.

You can Book / Call 9555000247 for a Washing Machine Expert to do a preventive check at just Rs. 300 and also ask him to bring the descaling powder.

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