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247around serves as an appliance buddy for all home appliance post-purchase needs i.e. from Installation to Disposal. One can book a service either through our Android App, website 247around.com or call center.

We cater to a market with 4 billion appliance population. 300 million appliances go for repairs every year. Quality repair at optimum price is a challenge here. At 247around , we address this issue by qualified on ground team which has several years of experience and we enable our customers to do self-diagnostics and decipher the issue on our android app. You get to see reasons of failure and price estimates much before the engineer arrives at home, thus saving time and money and bringing transparency in the process.

Analytics combined with Artificial Intelligence and IoT form the technology backbone and eliminate key issues of quality in home appliance servicing and repair. With Technology assisted analytics based training, we believe our on-ground engineers take better repair decisions challenging traditional models. 247around is the first company to use analytics based approach which has found value proposition for customers.

247around is part of Business World accelerator program BW | Accelerator and Google Boot Camp.

Our Team

Nitin Malhotra
Founder & CEO

Anuj Aggarwal
Co-founder & CTO

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